What is OptionAlert?

What is Option Alert?

Logo OptionAlert

Option Alert is service for traders and people who like to increase their Financial IQ. Customers pay 49€ a month, and in return they receive signals to place orders and take positions on the stock market. If they use the signals, a profit can be earned. The last two years this has resulted in over 50% profit for all members.

Option Alert is a product by dutch financial specialist Harm van Wijk, well known from the Dutch television, magazines and radio shows about finances and stock trading. Harm works together with several banks, such as ING en BinckBank (leading stock trading bank).

What Do I do with Option Alert?

Option Alert offers a compensation plan. Customers can refer new customers. For each new customer, you earn €7 monthly. The total number of new customers is unlimited. Total compensation however is limited 10.000€ per month, without counting the bonus plan.

How does this work?

You first become a member of Option Alert. Now you enrol your 4 key members. These will be placed directly below you. You now earn 4 * 7€ = 28€ per month. Your 4 members also enrol 4 members to be eligible for their 100% payout. Thus, 16 were added. Now you earn 100% * 20 * 7€ = 140€. If these 16 also enrol 4 each, 64 members are added. You can calculate the outcome!


What now?

Do you want to start as a member? Great! Option Alert is in pré registration phase, so you are far ahead of the crowd. Position here, and pay your fees by international bank transfer.



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