Everybody has dreams. Sometime you remember them sometime you don’t. You have nightmares, pleasant dreams or some dreams that looks like the future or the past.

You’re dreaming most time to process what happened during the day. You dream when you are in REM sleep (rapid eye movement). That is when you’re brain activity is high.

You can see when someone is dreaming by the continued eye movement. Dreams can last from 5 to 20 minutes and you can have from 3 to 5 dreams during sleep.

The meaning of a curtain dream

There are some dreams that are very common among us like naked dreams, chase dreams, flying dreams, falling dreams and test dreams.

Naked dreams:  Becoming mortified at the realization that you are naked in public, reflects your vulnerability or feelings of shamefulness

Chase dreams: The pursuer or attacker who is chasing you in your dream may also represent an aspect of yourself


Flying dreams: Having difficulties staying in flight indicates a lack of power in controlling your own circumstances. You may be struggling to stay aloft or stay on set course.

Falling dreams: As with most common dream themes, falling is an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties

Test dreams: To dream that you are taking an exam indicates that you are being put to the test or being scrutinized in some way. These dreams highlight some anxiety or agitation that you are experiencing in your waking life.

Dreams in waking live

We all have dreams who we wish to come true. Like winning the lottery or traveling around the world. When you have a dream like that ad you like it to come true. You will have to do something about it. Buy a lottery ticket and maybe you win something so that you can go traveling around the world.

Make your dreams come true

Some people dream about having a family, getting married, be financial independent etc. Those are dream you can make happen. That means take action. Come up for yourself make a plan and work it trough. Some times you can’t do it on your own. Find someone with the same dreams, same idea’s, same mindset. And believe me dreams will come through.


I found something to help me make my dreams come through. Option4all is helping me to have a more financial relaxed life so I can travel that I like so much. I f you have the same dream click in this link. And follow the steps to your dreams. It’s easy and like many others we have the same dreams.


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