First meeting with the Options4all team


Last Saturday, February 1st was the first meeting / seminar Option4all in Postiljon Hotel in Bunnik presented by Arthur Brekelmans. We were in a club of more than 60 people , the atmosphere was quite supreme real family atmosphere . It was especially nice to the people you normally would only Facebook can now see in real life to see.

It was as if you know each other for years while for most it is actually only a few months. And that is what is at stake in Options4all togetherness, work as a team, each with his or her specialty. They complement each other, advice and learn from each other, you learn to overcome your Fears by crawling out of your shell


And if you do not dare, or equal to, step by step, you’ll get through coaching and sharing experiences. But the biggest factor is your own body, your mindset. You have to want it, to have the drive to change yourself and grow.

We now live in an economic crisis; people want to be financially dependent. Creditors may occasionally resolve and make money. But because a large group of Dutch people are stuck in the “I should work” (for an employer) while so many other options, but it really does not dare to do.

About half a year ago, I put the step on the road to financial relaxed life. What I ‘m saying is that I have no desire to nodes to be with 0 Dollars on my bank account. At the end of the month even each month to make ends meet NO! That’s not what I want. I want at the end of the month have money to do fun things to invest in new projects, my hobbies exercise.

Options4all offering me this opportunity. It is there to ensure that you open and dare to take to make the step. It is not done for as many people think.

What often happens is that people who are not ready to make something with it. I’m talking about MLM and online marketing to say that it is a scam because you have to form a team and money to pay , and that the person above you get more money etc etc.

But think about it now if you want to start your own business. Then you need to invest anything at all to do anything. You have staff need a building, promotion, products, customers, and so on . That costs a lot of money.

In MLM companies that cost significantly less. But you get a lot of valuable information and products in return. Take Options4all the cost of a subscription is € 49.90 per month.

What stands opposite ?

  • – Direct contact with coaches
  • – You’re in a team of entrepreneurs and specialists
  • – E -books to increase your financial IQ
  • – There are regular seminars held throughout the Netherlands
  • – There are “homework” assignments given to get you started
  • – There are several websites available with valuable information
  • – We work with rotator so that all the empty spots are filled
  • – There will be a webinar held on fixed days for members and are not yet members
  • – Tools are available to help you along
  • – There are short tutorials made ​​where step by step explanation is given .

What is being asked of you?

  • – Registration of at least 2 members
  • – Participation in meetings and webinars
  • – Parts and Liken links and pictures for viral spread
  • – Each tag in the pictures of meetings and other
  • – Doing what you’re good to carry your part
  • – The people in the Facebook group to send a friend request.
  • – You leave testimonials on the websites.
  • – Register yourself on the websites

“First give before you get something back” and work together as a team. That’s what it’s all about. When you’re around people your friends, family, you do the same.

Don’t you want to miss it? Then quickly join the Team Options4all.

Quickly click on the link below.

Or send me a message I will help you further.


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