Setting goals for yourself

Setting goals for your self is a good way to let yourself grow. Some will be hard and take more time others will be easier to accomplice. Most people are proclaiming good intentions at the beginning of a new year, which most will be forgotten in 3 months afterward. It’s a shame really that’s why you should set goals for yourself.

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I think it’s easier to set some goals for your self to accomplice. You can check them when you have reached one. And it’s nice to see how you progress and grow. I set 10 goals for myself this year. I’ve already reach 3 of them. And I’m currently working on 2.

And the year isn’t even half way thru!


How do you set your goals?


For some it’s easy to set goals for your self. For some it isn’t, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have them. We all have long term goals and short term goals. Just don’t make it to difficult for your self. A goal should be achievable in a certain time span you set for your self.